The Black Nation in North Amerika.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Watch out for December!

There will be rioting here next month, those of us who listen to the rumbling that is going on in the streets, communities and hoods of the inner cities are well aware of this. Dec. 13th, will be a day that goes down in the history books, the Top dogs in Washington are fueling the dissension so that the focus of the media and the public outcrys of ending the war in Iraq will be temporarily silenced.

As we speak, meetings are being conducted by both sides of the fence, those who govern and those who live within the confines of their shadows.

Knowledge and wisdom often give way to a man's pride, when hope is squashed by those who are living and taken from those who merely exist. Yes my fellow neighbors and voters there is rumbling in the distance and it's not coming from the San Andreas fault either....the morality and compassion of a nation, our Nation are soon to be tested and questioned.

I leave as I came with much love and respect for Life.

Lady Gray/bossladyjmc wrote:
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