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Sunday, September 18, 2005

National New Afrikan Elections, 2005

Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2005
Subject: [PG News] National New Afrikan Elections, 2005

Saturday, September 17, 2005
Brothers & Sisters, Citizens, FREE THE LAND!!!
As the election dates for our National New Afrikan Elections draws near, let us concentrate for a moment on the immediate necessary work! First, let us review the month of September, and what needs to be in place:

September 2005 Deadline for receipt of Bios (biographical profiles) from Candidates for office. According to the Code of Umoja, candidates for office must certify their time-in-service of the New Afrikan Independence Movement (NAIM). Bios can be used for this purpose in place of a certification form. The Bios must certify that he/she meets the following "time-in-service" of the NAIM qualifications:
Within the preceding 10 years, candidates for President, Vice President and PCC Chairperson must have served 2 consecutive years as an active cadre member officer in some organized NAIM formation.
Within the preceding 5 years, candidates for People’s Court Justice must have served 1 year with distinction in some aspect of the NAIM.
Within the preceding 5 year, candidates for District Representatives must have served 6 months as an active cadre member in some formation of the NAIM.

September 30, 2005
The deadline for receipt of all Nominating Petitions before the date of the 2005 election. In order for a candidate to have his/her name placed on the ballot, the Election Commission must receive their nominating petitions before the 2005 cut-off-date. The Election Commission will count the number of signatures that each candidate received. The ballot will only list the names of those candidates that received no less than the minimum number of required signatures on the nominating petition. (The minimum required number of signatures was previously mentioned above in this document.)

Next we need to review and critique October:

October 2005
It is critically important that RNA citizens come together and identify Local Assistant Election Commissioners (LAEC) that the National Election Commission can appoint to monitor the election process at the polling sites in each Election District. The individuals that are selected to serve as the LAEC must not be candidates themselves. The National Election Commission in Jackson, MS will mail the Official National Ballot to the Local Assistant Election Commissioners (LAEC) through out the New Afrikan nation. Candidates for office should not handle ballots. The Candidates should work with and through the LAEC where necessary. The overall duty of the Local Assistant Elections Commissioner (LAEC) is to ensure and protect the honesty and integrity of the election from fraud and corruption. RNA citizens should form District Organizing Committees and work closely with the Local Assistant Election Commissioner (LAEC). Together they will be responsible to reproduce the ballots necessary to hold the local elections. The Local Assistant Election Commissioner (LAEC) and the District Organizing Committee may have to produce 100 to 1000+ copies of the original ballot. Together they will have to determine how many ballots will be needed at each polling site based on their best judgment of potential voter activity. It will be the responsibility of the LAEC and his/her staff to safeguard the ballot boxes at each polling site. Although an exceptionally resourceful Local Assistant Election Commissioners could conduct elections on a limited scale by themselves, it is preferable to work with collective strength, manpower and resources. One Local Assistant Election Commissioner (LAEC) could set up and run a polling site on any street corner or large gather place of our people. At minimum, all he/she needs is the following:

Registration forms
Ballot box (preferably Red, Black and Green color scheme)
General PGRNA literature and information
Red, Black and Green Liberation Flag (optional)

October 2005
Deadline for Election Commission to approve or disapprove all Election Districts proposed by RNA units is 30 days before election date. According to the Code of Umoja, election districts are to be "drawn to conform as nearly as possible to any concept of community" recognized by the New Afrikan inhabitants. Each Election District is entitled to 5 District Representatives and 2 District Judges. In addition, three Election Districts can join together and nominate At-Large District Representatives and Judges.

Alvin V. Brown
PCC-1st V. Chair
Dist. Rep..

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