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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Disaster Message Board

New messages:

Robyn Raine is looking for a related family. Surname: Stromboe. Father's first name is Axel (?).
They have/had a catering business in New Orleans.

Robyn Raine is also looking for online friend, not heard from since last week. Her name is Nancy, from Meridian, MS. Nancy's online names are Chief's Wife on, and Cherish Life on

Nancy's son is in Biloxi, MS, at [Kessler] A.F.B.


Blogger Kwame said...

I just heard from Robyn Raine, and she said, "I've heard from Nancy in an e-mail everyone is all right. The house had a tree fall on it and there are other problems but they have a home and are alive."

8:13 PM


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